There are many ways in which water can leak into your home. From rapid flooding that is caused by overflowing bodies of water to smaller, much less apparent sources such as your air conditioner. The water damage that is caused by air conditioning leaks is one of the most hidden causes of flood damage that a home can experience.

If the water from leaking air conditioners is causing damage to your home, you will need to call the professional water restoration experts to ensure that your home is properly repaired with flood clean up services.

What Causes Air Conditioning Leaks?

In truth, air conditioners do not leak so much as they help generate water thanks to condensation. When the warmer air from the outside comes into contact with the cold elements on the inside of the air conditioner, condensation develops where the moisture from the warmer air is turned into water and is then drained from the unit.

Air conditioners are designed to channel the condensation to the outside of their units which is why you see water dripping when they are in operation. As long as the water drips outside and onto the ground your home is protected. However, if the water should drip inside or worse, entering the interior of the wall then you have a real problem.

The Damages from Water Inside Walls and Floors

When water gets inside your walls or into floors it can cause structural damage as the materials inside are not designed to resist moisture. Wood in particular will weaken over time which can lead to the need for structure repairs. Air conditioner leaks are generally bad because they often go unnoticed until the damage has already been done.

Worse that the structure damage that the leaks can cause is that they area can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold in particular is very dangerous as it can cause structural damage to the home as well as affect the health of those who live inside. Mold generates spores which will fill the air inside your home and cause illness or worse to the people and pets who reside under these conditions.

How to Stop and Repair the Damage

Your local Scottsdale water damage cleanup service can provide the services needed to address all types of air conditioning leaks by using proper flood clean up procedures. The first step that occurs after you have called their offices is a representative is sent to your home to evaluate the damage. The air conditioner itself will naturally have to be addressed so that no further water damage will occur.

At that point, the company will remove and repair all damage that was caused by the leaking. If caught in the early stages, the repairs should be minimal as the area is thoroughly dried, cleaned and repaired. However, if the damage is extensive then more elaborate repairs will need to take place. In any case, you will be fully informed during the process so that you will know what is happening and what needs to be done.

Stopping air conditioning leaks by calling a professional Scottsdale flood clean up company may save you from having to pay for more extensive repairs in the future.

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