The best Scottsdale mold removal company for your needs is not only properly equipped, but has the experience and knowledge to fully treat your home. If you suspect that your home has mold or if your residence has recently experienced some type of water damage, then calling a mold removal service will be in your best interest.

Mold is one of the most destructive living organisms that may invade a home. Mold thrives on moisture and when it builds up it can compromise the wooden structure and frame of your home. However, the mycotoxins released by the mold are even worse as they can cause serious illness and even death depending on the length of exposure.

What Does a Mold Removal Company Do?

A proper Scottsdale mold removal company comes into a home to detect and then remove any mold buildup that may be present. For homes that may have been compromised by mold, the first step is detection.

A mold removal company will use several methods in detecting the presence of mold, starting with a complete visual inspection which examines all areas that can be accessed inside the home. Next, air samples are taken and thermal imaging performed to detect any areas of moisture or weakness in the structure of the home that may indicate the presence of mold or moisture buildup.

Once detected, the mold removal company then identifies the areas of infestation and then remove the mold by replacing the areas which have been compromised. Once fully remove, the area is then dried out to rid it of the buildup of moisture which caused the mold to form in the first place. Mold removal may be a relatively quick or extensive process depending on the amount that is present.

Mold Removal Expert

Find the Best Local Mold Removal Company

Finding the right mold removal company starts by researching those in your surrounding area, generally through the internet, recommendation by friends and so forth. Once you have made a list of the companies, the next few steps are relatively simple.

License & Insured: You want a mold removal company that is properly licensed in your community and is insured in case an accident happens so you don’t get stuck with the bill. The technicians should be IICRC certified and hold certifications in the following areas:

  • WRT & ASD (water damage certification)
  • AMRT (mold remediation)
  • FSRT (fire & smoke cleanup)
  • Lead RRRP

Experience & Equipment: Those that have been in business a long time does not necessarily mean that they have a great reputation or even do the best job. However, it does mean that they are not some fly-by-night company that only shows up after flooding or storm damage has occurred. Plus, you’ll want a company that uses the proper detection and mold removal equipment which is usually listed on their website. Items such as thermal detection are good indicators.

Price: This should be the final choice in making your selection, but it can act as the tiebreaker between otherwise equal services. Remember that mold removal is a serious business and price should be the last consideration in getting a high quality company.

In order to choose the best mold removal company in Scottsdale and Maricopa County, you will have to do the research necessary to find the right one that fits your needs. Go To mold removal Scottsdale Az offers FREE estimates!