Time and again, we hear from our Scottsdale residential water damage restoration clients just how much our content pack-out service helped them to make it through the restoration process. It’s a real relief for them to know that the contents of their home or business are in good hands and out of harm’s way.

Very often, damage to a building from fire, flooding or inclement weather will mean that everything inside of it needs to come out. This could be to protect the contents of the structure from further damage by the original problem or it might be to keep it from being damaged during necessary repairs or demolitions.

Professional Content Pack-Out Service

The contents may simply need to be removed in order to facilitate the repairs and speed up the restoration process. But when it involves taking out everything from pictures on the wall and books on the shelves to all of the furniture, electronics and appliances, this can certainly feel completely overwhelming, especially to residents or workers who have just faced a catastrophic situation. Our content pack-out service will put you at ease.

Your Belongings Mean Something

When they’re in a house, the contents of a structure are a huge part of what makes it into a home and when they’re in a commercial building, they help to make it a thriving business. So anytime that your property has been damaged and the contents need to come out, we really do understand how important it is that they are treated with the care and respect that they deserve.

In order to remove the risk of your belongings sustaining damage during the restoration process, we will pack them up appropriately, load them and then transport everything to a restoration or storage facility for you. Once your building is back in order, we’ll also arrange for their trip home, just to make things a little easier for you as you work to get back to your day-to-day life.

Our professional team will do everything that we can to preserve your things to the condition that they were in before the damage and we are able to move virtually anything that you need, so nothing will need to be left behind. We’ll take care of valuable artwork, important files, retail inventory and personal belongings as if they were our very own, so that you’ll receive everything back as if it never left your hands. Call us today to find out more about our invaluable content pack-out service and how it can help you!

Your Belongings Mean Something