A fire can happen at any time, and the situation is urgent, requiring an around-the-clock response, seven days a week. The best fire damage restoration service providers can respond to your call within a few hours, regardless of time of day, and begin to restore your home to its beauty in just a few days. Many companies will provide you with a detailed timeline of the work to be completed, noting procedures, equipment, and materials that they will use in the restoration process.

A certified fire damage restoration service will have industry standard equipment includes industrial air movers and other machines, chemicals and solvents, vacuum cleaners, foggers, and other equipment and cleaning supplies. A recent trend in the industry, companies are moving to “greener” equipment and supplies that will help drive the cost of restoration down, while also remaining environmentally conscious.

A quality fire damage restoration company will do much more than just after fire clean up. Companies can provide restoration of paint, deodorizing your home and contents, inventory management of your home, and even temporary moving services. Always choose a fire damage restoration company that provides deodorizing services, as smoke can permeate into your carpeting, furniture, drapes, and even your clothing, and be very hard to remove. A simple run through the washing machine may not be enough to eliminate the smell of smoke in your textiles.

Go To Scottsdale fire damage restoration service includes a detailed inventory of your home’s contents to ensure a smoother process with your insurance company. The company will sort items by what can be restored, and what cannot, which will make filing your insurance claim much simpler. By partnering with Scottsdale fire damage restoration, you’ll find that more of your possessions can be salvaged, your home will be restored to pre-fire condition, and you’ll save significantly on replacement costs of lost items.