No one plans for a fire, but if your home or commercial building has burned, calling a professional fire restoration service right away will save you both time and money. Fire and smoke damage does not end when the flames go out. Fire ash is highly acidic and will rot anything it comes in contact with. It takes only minutes to discolor appliances and turn plastics yellow. Defects in metals and wood can be seen after a few hours.

You should begin professional fire restoration services as soon as possible. If fire and smoke damage is left for more than a week carpets will have to be ripped up and replaced.

If you have a house fire, smoke damage, or need disaster restoration services, we will dispatch a fully trained and insured technician to your property immediately. Our technician will assess the fire damage to your home or building and call in the rest of our specialists to start work. You get a full assessment of how much repair your home needs and are provided with a price for our services.

24 Hour Fire Damage Restoration Services

We provide high quality fire damage restoration service in Scottsdale and we are here to help you with a team of professionals. We have all the equipment necessary to fully repair the damage to your home or commercial building so that you can bet back to business. Our complete services will address the smoke or water damage immediately and provide quick repairs to your Scottsdale business or home in a timely manner.

Before contacting your home owners insurance agent, you should call our Scottsdale, AZ professional fire damage restoration services. In less than 60 minutes of calling, we will be at your home or commercial property, and immediately access and document the fire damage. We can then work with your insurance adjuster to handle the claims process. We can speak their language and get you the most comprehensive restoration possible.

Go To is a preferred insurance provider because our IICRC certified technicians are committed to delivering only the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you’re experiencing a fire disaster, we provide Scottsdale fire damage restoration service 24 hours a day and can be at your door very quickly. In most cases we will be there in 30 minutes or less! We will even contact your insurance company to start the damage claims process for you!