Do thermal cameras help you recover from water damage? Using thermal imaging for moisture detection and mold prevention may save you and your insurance company thousands of dollars or more on water damage repairs.

We use thermal imaging because it is quite effective in detecting small areas of moisture, mold and compromises in the structure that can be repaired early for minimal cost.

How Does Thermal Imaging Save Insurance Damage Claims?

Basically, thermal imaging moisture detection can find areas in the structure that have been compromised in their early stages, meaning that they may be dealt with swiftly to either stop mold from forming or get rid of the small amount of mold which may currently be present.

Before thermal imaging, it was frequently required to get rid of much larger sections of the house in order to entirely ensure that the mold was discovered and eliminated. With DRYPRO thermal imaging equipment, the area of restoration can now be more precise and maintenance more in-line with the actual trouble that has been caused.

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