When it comes to cracked or broken pipes, the water damage that can be caused is considerable. If left unchecked, the resulting water may cause structural damage to your home that can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Worse, mold may develop and spread to such an extent that it can negatively affect the health of you, your family and pets and the damage to the residence may be irreversible.

So, it is important to address the water damage from broken water pipes immediately and that is where Go To Services comes to your rescue. They provide professional water removal, drying, de-humidification and mold removal services that will restore your home to what it was before the water damage occurred.

A water pipe can be damaged due to freezing water which expands and shatters the pipe from within, older pipes may rust causing leaks to develop or impacts from earthquakes or other forces may break the connections of the pipe. Whatever the cause, the result is that you have water flowing into your home.

How Water Damages Your Home

The primary damage that water causes is to the materials in your home that are vulnerable to being soaked in water such as wood, sheetrock and other similar materials. The water gets inside and starts to weaken these materials which can cause them to warp or even fall apart over time.

While your wooden floors may be treated to resist water damage, the structural supports inside your walls may not be which may cause structural damage over time.

Why Address Broken Water Pipes Immediately?

There are a number of reasons why you should have your broken water pipes addressed as soon as possible. First, your water bill will skyrocket even from a short duration of having water flood into your home. However, that bill may turn out to be quite small in comparison to the potential repair bills that are caused by water damage.

While the water itself can compromise the vulnerable materials of your home, it is the development of mold in these moist areas which is the real concern. Mold eats away at the wood, sheetrock and other materials which compromises their integrity. Worse, the mold releases thousands of spores which can have a negative effect on the health of those who live inside your home. Left unchecked, the mold will not only cause serious repercussions to your health, it may also comprise the structure of your home so badly that it may cause it to be condemned.

When it comes to handling Scottsdale water damage from broken pipes, Go To Services is the place to call. The offer 24/7 emergency services when it comes to broken water pipes and the damage that they can cause. Our team of technicians will come by to remove the water from your home, dry out the interior and sanitize where necessary to address any potential mold issues that might otherwise develop.

For complete water damage restoration services, you need to call the professionals at Go To Services for the fastest service at a low, competitive price.

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